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Writer's Block: Marital license

Do you think a marriage license should have a renewal or expiration date, just like a driver's license?

No. Marriage is a commitment,and should be entered into responsibly,not conveniently. It requires you to learn about your partner beforehand,& be mature enough to deal with problems,& you shouldn't be able to just walk out of it all hunky-dory just because things aren't going exactly the way you like.


I most definitely agree. Problem is, it feels like more people take marriage for convenience more than anything else. People are so materialistic and always looking for the next best thing and stuff like that and they never find true love and comfort in what they already have, that is until they lose it. You know what i think they should start doing.....you know how they test people who marry immigrants when they try to marry for their green card, they should test regular citizens just the same. It would help to weed out the gold-diggers at least.....
What really bugs me are the people (usually other women)who jump into marriage so quickly,have kids immediately, and then get divorced, claiming, "Well, he just wasn't the man I thought he was". Then they are single mothers with infants and toddlers, who either don't make the fathers part of the kids' lives at all, or, they then set the kids up for a lifetime of traveling back and forth between parents, having to deal with future girlfriends and boyfriends of the parents, and all the fun that comes with divorced parents.

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I agree with you. People are getting married left and right. I think people need to actually get to know people before they get hitched.
I'm and Army wife, and its a common thing, for example, for couples to quickly get married. Some marry for military benefits, and some think that their childhood sweetheart is the one. And then after having kids or living with each other, they divorce. Its sad.

And now, alot of kids are getting married younger, thinking theyre ready to make an adult decision like that. :/ Theyre not mentally aware that marriage isnt all about being "lovey-dovey" and that problems CAN arise.

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